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PUMPKIN Dino 3pk Oatmeal Soap

PUMPKIN Dino 3pk Oatmeal Soap

Introducing our delightful Pumpkin Dino Soaps in packs of 3 – charmingly crafted dinosaur-shaped soaps with a twist of autumnal goodness. Each soap is meticulously hand-poured and infused with the warm, comforting scent of pumpkin. Perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to your bath time, these soaps make cleansing a Jurassic joy. The rich pumpkin hue and intricate detailing capture the essence of fall, making them an ideal seasonal gift or a playful addition to your own skincare routine. Bathe in the nostalgia of pumpkin patches and prehistoric playfulness with our Pumpkin Dino Soaps.


Fun fact; all of my skin care products are geared towards SENSITIVE SKIN ; if you have any questions or concerns regarding my skin care products please feel free to reach out to me!!

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