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Auralite 23 Raw Cluster

Auralite 23 Raw Cluster

This Auralite 23 raw cluster is from Canada !

Auralite 23: A Tapestry of Spiritual Energies 🌌💜

Dive into the cosmic embrace of Auralite 23, a mesmerizing crystal said to hold the energy of 23 different minerals and elements. With its vibrant hues ranging from deep purples to earthy reds, each facet of Auralite 23 tells a story of ancient Earth wisdom.

This crystal is believed to enhance spiritual connection, promote healing, and elevate consciousness. Whether used in meditation or worn as a talisman, Auralite 23 is a conduit for higher realms of awareness.

Explore the mystical depths of Auralite 23 and let its celestial vibrations guide you on a journey of self-discovery. 🌌💎

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